Barye, Antoine Louis(French, 1795-1875)
Born in Paris, France, Antoine Louis Barye was the first and most acclaimed sculptor of the French Animaliers school. He produced equestrian groups as well as mythological figures, however, he was best known for his sculptures of wild animals. After studying under sculptor Francois-Joseph Bosio and painter Baron Antoine-Jean Gros he was admitted to the École des Beaux Arts in 1818. It was not until 1823, while watching the animals in the Jardin des Plantes, that he discovered his true passion for animals. In 1852 he cast his bronze Jaguar devouring a Hare. Fame came late in the sculptor's life. He was made Professor of Drawings at the Museum of Natural History in 1854, and was elected to the Académie des beaux-arts in 1868. Today, most of Barye's plasters and models are the property of the Louvre.

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