Chelminski, Jan Van(Polish, 1851-1925)
A famous painter of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Jan Van Chelminski was of Polish origin and exhibited a deep interest in modern European history. Widely collected both in Europe and the United States, his combination of painterly skill and historical subjects made his artwork highly sought after. Chelminski painted scenes from military history as well as scenes of gentlemanly leisure and winter scenes. His most memorable paintings are of military leaders from Napoleon to Pershing that seem to capture the true spirit of each of the generals painted. The artwork often features these military leaders mounted on horseback and the artist faithfully captures the movement of the horses in any range of climates. Written about in numerous American magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Chelminski remains highly collectable today because of his timeless themes and wondrous attention to detail.

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