Dennis, Roger Wilson(American, 1902-1996)
Born in New London County Connecticut, Dennis was influenced early on by fellow artists of the Lyme Art Colony who practiced American Impressionism. Often referred to as “our link with the best of the past,” Roger Dennis was very involved in the artistic community and painted prolifically during his long life. Painting mainly natural scenes, the artist developed a color palate that utilized innovative pastels to capture the many different blends of foliage the artist surrounded himself with.
Dennis taught art at both the Connecticut College and the Lyman Allan Art Museum, eventually taking courses in art conservation at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The time spent as a student of art conservation allowed him to get more familiar with the French impressionists of the 19th century, adding to the refinement and experimentation with impressionism he would explore throughout his artistic career. One of the last real American Impressionists, Dennis’s talent, setting and interests made him a successful artist that is appreciated and exhibited all over New England.
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