The Kalo Shop(American, Early 20th Century)
Founded in Chicago in 1900 by Clara P. Barck, the Kalo Shop was an important producer of handwrought silver. Drawing from the Arts & Crafts movement which put a premium on individually produced items, the pieces created by the Kalo shops are of the highest quality. The Kalo shop produced jewelry such as necklaces, bangles, rings, bracelets and cufflinks and serving vessels such as pitchers, tea sets, bowls and trays. Employing many skilled metal workers of the day, Clara Barck created a workshop in Park Ridge, Illinois. A branch opened in New York in 1916 quickly folded because of war constraints placed on the use and sale of metal. The pieces are collected today because of their quality construction and brilliantly sound simplicity.

t. (Main Office)
t. (Suburban Office)