Kavanagh, Joseph Malachy(Irish, 1856-1918)
Irish artist, Joseph Malachy Kavanagh studied at the Metropolitan School of Art from 1887-1888. He and his friends, artists, Walter Osborne and Nathaniel Hill traveled to Antwerp in 1881 to study "Natur" under Verlat and then returned in 1882-83 to take the "life" class.

During his time in Antwerp, he created studies of the countryside including areas in Brittany, France. Based on that work, he created numerous paintings and etchings. He returned and settled in Clontarf, Ireland. There he began producing work centering around local life and views of Ireland. He created studies of the Dublin Bay. Portmarnock, North Bull and Sutton. He was the Keeper of the RHA and was a resident on their premises.

There was a devastating fire that destroyed his studio and much of his artwork. He escaped the fire with minimal physical injuries, but emotionally, he found it difficult to recover. Although a prolific painter, the only remains of his work that survived were the works that he had sold or given away prior to the fire.

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