Kinson, Francois(Belgian, 1771-1839)
François-Joseph Kinson attended the Academie at Bruges and after winning several prizes there, he established a reputation in Ghent and Brussels before exhibiting in Paris in 1799 where his portraiture won further acclaim. Afterward, Kinson settled in Paris and developed a clientele of some of the city’s most fashionable citizens. Kinson went on to work for Napoleon’s court and in 1808 became court painter to Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia. Throughout his career, Kinson painted some particularly beautiful portraits of women, striking in their air of refinement and elegance, while continuing a prolific career of official portrait commissions. In 1813, Kinson returned to Paris and from 1820 he exhibited regularly at the Ghent and Brussels salons where his portraits first won recognition. Kinson continued to work as a court painter in Paris up until 1830, and died in 1839 at the age of 68.

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