Kongliche Porzellan Manufaktur (KPM)
A porcelain manufacturer founded in the 18th century, Kongliche Porzellan served the German royal family until the abolishment of the German Monarchy in 1918 following the Great War. Originally started by a Berlin merchant named Hohann Ernst Gotzkowsky, Fredrick the Great took the company over in 1763. The royal blue scepter, the company’s logo, was handed down to the company by the King of Prussia. The company was owned by the state after the fall of the monarchy and finally turned back into a private enterprise in 2006, experiencing a rebirth in interest, especially in exports.
Because of the long and rich history of the company, the pieces range in style and importance. Many of the early pieces are noteworthy for their elaborate ornamentation while the more recent pieces exhibit ornamental restraint and simplicity. Kongliche porcelain of any era is very fine and displays a high degree of craftsmanship. Exceptional pieces produced by the Kongliche Porzellan Manufaktur are in public and private collections all over the world including the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Official Website: http://www.kpm-berlin.com/default.aspx

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