Makielski, Leon A.(American, 1885-1974)
Born in Morris Run, Pennsylvania in 1885, Leon Makielski later moved with his family to Chicago, and spent the majority of his boyhood and adolescence in the artistically burgeoning city. Makielski studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, and spent his summers at the Eagle’s Nest Art Colony. He later served as assistant professor of art at the Art Institute, and in 1908, he was awarded the John Quincy Adams Traveling Scholarship. Makielski studied at the Academy Julian and the Academy de la Grande Chaumiere, working with Henri Martin and Richard E. Miller. He exhibited at the Salon de Paris in 1911 and 1912. Makielski later served as a professor of fine arts at the University of Michigan, the Meinsinger Art School and the Scarab Club. His oeuvre includes seascapes, landscapes, and portraiture—Makielski painted many public figures in the humanities—such as poet Robert Frost and countless faculty members at the University of Michigan—and local business leaders, such as Ralph Modieski and the Kresge family in Detroit.
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