Neillot, Louis(French, 1898-1973)
A painter, woodcutter and illustrator, Neillot’s work is characterized by bold colors and broad brushstrokes. Neillot, born in Vichy while the movement was in its infancy, served for France in the First World War and afterwards devoted himself to painting. Taking classes at the municipal art school of Vichy and an art academy of the Clichy Boulevard in Paris, the artist was heavily influenced by the Impressionists and such figures as Van Gough and Cezanne. Living and working in Paris for the rest of his life, the artist drew inspiration from the areas surrounding Paris such as Clamart, Meudon and the Meaux region. His artwork is an expressive bouquet of bold brushstrokes of even more bold colors, drawn from his time in the nature outside of the City of Lights. Fauvist in nature, the artist also devoted a considerable amount of time to still lives dominated by bold patterned textiles not unlike Matisse.

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