Tomanek, Joseph Czechoslovakia
Joseph Tomanek was born on a farm in Straznice, Czechoslovakia in 1889. Tomanek began his education in the arts at the School of Design in Prague. In 1910 he moved to Chicago to escape military service and began working as an interior designer. Tomanek showed that his true passion was in painting. He took numerous art classes at the Art Institute of Chicago with a strong focus on painting. He was able to exhibit his work through the Art Institute of Chicago between 1919-1931.
Joseph Tomanek was known for his wonderful nude paintings that were often set in a scene filled with lush foliage and done in an art nouveau style. Tomanek would take the best features of his models to create an idealized model. Tomanek was able to spend around 4 years in Europe to further perfect his craft. His neo-rococo inspired landscapes showed that Tomanek used the knowledge he gained in Europe to inspire him to create these works in America. Today, Joseph Tomanek’s works are exhibited in private and public collections throughout the world.
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