von Grutzner, Eduard(German, 1846-1925)
Eduard von Grutzner was a German painter and professor of art especially noted for his genre paintings of monks.
Grutzner was born in GroƟ-Karlowitz near Neisse, Upper Silesia and studied under Piloty. He made his career in Munich and was, along with Carl Spitzweg and Franz von Defregger, one of that city's leading genre painters in the second half of the 19th century.
The paintings Grutzner is best known for combine detailed academic rendering with humorous and anecdotal subject matter, often depicting monks drinking. He died in Munich in 1925. Grutzner was one of Hitler's favorite painters, Albert Speer quoting him as saying of one of the artist's works that he was "greatly underrated... Believe me, this Grutzner will someday be worth as much as a Rembrandt. Rembrandt himself couldn't have painted that better."

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