Whitney, Louisa(English/American, 1819-1883)
Louisa Goddard Whitney was a 19th century English/American writer best known for her short book (approx. 198 pages), entitled The Burning of the Convent: A Narrative of the Destruction by a Mob of the Ursuline School on Mount Benedict, Charlestown, as Remembered by One of the Pupils, published by Osgood in 1877. The book was a first hand account of Whitney's perspective on the Ursuline Convent Riots. The Ursuline Convent Riots were riots that occurred on August 11 and August 12, 1834 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, near Boston in what is now Somerville, Massachusetts. During the riot, a convent of Roman Catholic Ursuline nuns was burned down by a Protestant mob. The event was triggered by reported abuse of a member of the order, and was fueled by the rebirth of extreme anti-Catholic sentiment in antebellum New England.

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